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B2B Marketplace or My Own B2B website

Admin -  06/07/2022

B2B online website or Join B2B MarketPlace?

Owning an e-commerce B2B website means that online shop belongs to your particular business or brand. There are many ways you can develop such a website using SaaS or open source e-commerce platformc. It also gives you an opportunity to conduct marketing campaigns and build customer loyalty

Building your B2B shop requires significant investments and digital management at your End. Digital Presense is something Serious and must be considered as Physical Presense of the Business. Branding and personalization of your B2B website too.

Marketplace B2B Platform is an eCommerce website which manages data, information, orders, digital presense of multiple business. It has a wide variety of products, which attracts various types of clients. The B2B platform can be considered as a Big shopping mall if it is Horizontal oriented or a Big Expo if it is Vertical Oriented. In both cases the digital presense is manageable by the Business itself.

Fact A

Advantages and Disadvantages of owning your B2B Shop

Owning a personal e-commerce website includes many benefits. The first benefit e-commerce website gives to your business is the total control over your business at every stage. Another benefit is that you have the freedom to personalize the online shop look. After the launch of the online store, there will be no visitors, because your future clients are unaware of your brand. To bring traffic to your e-commerce website, improve search engine ranking and make sales, you need a comprehensive marketing plan and marketing budget. Only a few businesses can afford a custom e-commerce website development because it is costly. For that, small and medium companies use SaaS or open source platforms to create an e-commerce website. However, to develop an online store, you still need time and money. You also need to buy a domain name and pay for secure HTTPS certificate

Fact B

Advantages and Disadvantages of Joining a B2B MarketPlace

Benefit of online B2B marketplace is that all the required information is organised and presented at one Place. Your potential customers are already there. It is not necessary to have a marketing budget. If you have no experience with web development, you can still easily add new items to the product catalog or change prices. Moreover, when trading in the marketplace, you do not need to worry about security issues and payment gateway. Online marketplaces have minimal space for seller profile’s personalization”

Why should i join a B2B marketplaces even if i have my B2B website?

B2B MarketPlace and especially the vertical should be consider as an Online Expo Center. Where you can Present your Company and Products to potential Clients.

Joining a B2B MarketPlace is another Sales and Presentation Channel for your Business which is not competitive to your existing B2B sales Channel.

Globally more than 55% of users are prefering MarketPlaces for their orders than simple B2B websites. Usage, time spending and common interface are the main reasons.

Gain from MarketPlace's awareness and introduce your Company to clients might didn't know your existance or your competitive advantages.

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