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SupFolio - What Can i Do

Admin -  06/29/2022

The New Powerfull B2B platform that comes to change the data in Wholesale Trade.

In 2019 we decided to start a new innovative project. The name of this project is "SupFolio" and it is inspired by two words that characterize the wholesale trade. Supplier and portfolio (PortFolio) we put them together and here we are today. After in-depth research and addressing importers and manufacturers, we listed the real problems and needs of the industry. The most important need of the respondents, which they set as a condition for participating in such a project, was the Complete control over who can see the prices of the products, who can place orders but at the same time the products can be displayed to all consumers..

Manufacturers and importers participating in the platform can exhibit their products to the general public. They define which products are out of stock, in which categories each product belongs, they set their prices and they can accept orders from their customers.

Analyzing the needs of wholesalers (importers and manufacturers) we came up with the creation of an innovative sales network control mechanism, which allows the display of the Company profile of the Supplier as well as all the products of the Supplier with full descriptions and photos. However, in order for the wholesale prices to be activated for a customer and for the customer (commercial store) to place his orders online, he must submit a request for cooperation to the Supplier he is interested in.


Easy to use Control Panel

Stay on top of your business, with SupFolio's PowerFull and easy to use administration panel to manage orders, inventory, customers, fulfillment, shipping, taxes, design and many more. In SupFolio you have the fully control of your B2B account.


Management of Products

SupFolio is an online platform, where all of the main tasks can be managed online by the Suppliers. Taks like adding or updating your own categories, products, and product images. The bulk upload functionality of SupFolio allows owners to bulk upload categories, products and even product images into the store with any of the most used file formats (CSV, XLS or XML)


Management of Orders

Process orders quickly or manage the status of orders with 1-click. Keep your client's informed regarding the status of their order (Ready to ship, Shipped, etc) Take phone orders, handle returns with SupFolio's built-in RMA system and sync orders. The intuitive order management will adapt to the requirements of your business


Innovative B2B Control Mechanism

At SupFolio we offer an innovative control mechanism to every Supplier. With this Mechanism each supplier controls 100% itself who is going to see the B2B Prices and if the client, who asks for access in the Supplier's prices, is a client who is interesting for the Supplier. Here is how it works in 4 easy steps.

How it Works in 4 Easy Steps

Register your Business In SupFolio (Business name, Vat Number, Address, etc)

Choose the Supplier you are interested in and make Request for Cooperation

Choose Products and Quantities you want to order and place the order

Your Order has arrived. Products are going to be delivered by your supplier.


Product Returns Mechanism (RMA)

The Return Merchandise Authorization or Return Material Authorization (RMA) is a transaction whereby the recipient of a product arranges to return defective goods to the supplier to have the product repaired or replaced, to receive a refund or credit from the same retailer or corporation. SupFolio's RMA feature makes it easy to handle every aspect of the process, whether your customer wants credit, a replacement, a substitution, or a repair


Real Time Shipping costs

Offer your customers real-time shipping quotes and charge the correct amount for shipping via the integrated shipping carriers. By allowing your customers to get live time shipping quotes and make adjustments before they reach the checkout page, you'll convert a higher percentage of customers while they go through the checkout process.


Payment Options

We provide more than a wide variety of payment options. Each Supplier has the priviledge to define itself the payment methods he wants to operate, Bank Transfer, Credit, In Advance, By Checks, Online payments via debit card and more. In our Platform every Supplier has its own payment gateway and the money are transferring straight from clients to Supplier's bank accounts and not via escrow account.


Management of Logistics - Automation

Need to automate your transportation process? Use our Multi-Driver signup system to have multiple couriers deliver the marketplace's orders with real-time GPS tracking (Device needed from the company)


Marketing Tools

Get a powerful newsletter feature, SEO plugin, loyalty points system, gift certificates, discount coupons, bulk buy policies (10 cardboxes + 1 Free).Use them and you will always be ahead of your competitors


Ticketing Communication System

Improve your after sales services and give the priviledge to your clients to talk with your departments online. MarketPlace's clients can communicate with any Supplier they want via our built-in ticketing system. Using this feature can give credits to your Company regarding your after sales services Level and transparency.


Connection with your ERP Software

We offer connection services with your ERP Software in order to automate and sync your business to one Portal. Nothing is needed to be done at your end, supfolio's technical team is responsible to implement any connection according to your business needs.


Customizable Account according each Suppliers Needs

With over 35 years of experience and industry knowledge, we have developed almost the most-needed platform's features to help you manage and run your account software. Today, SupFolio is one of the most feature-rich software for any size business

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