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Solutions for Suppliers

1. Efficient Ordering: The platform speeds up the ordering process for customers by giving usability

2. Reduction of Communication Load: Communicating with many customers and constantly updating many times can be time-consuming.

3. Elimination of mistakes: It is one of the main benefits. Errors in Ordering or inventory.

4. Presentation - Synergies: Promotion of the Company and the solutions it offers to the market, as in a Trade Fair


Buyers' & Businesses' Solutions

1. Simplified Shopping: Easy browsing and ordering from Company Suppliers.

2. Centralized Management: Facilitates the management of Suppliers and Supplies, giving a better picture to the Business.

3. Information: Correct and permanent information about Availability, balances, Financial data, etc.

4. Time-Usability: Manage your business's Purchases through the platform, any time you want.


3+1 Benefits of your Presence

When you signup in SupFolio Platform you get access to these benefits

Access to the Supplier's Portal

Our marketplace gives you connection to Suppliers

Eliminate Ordering Mistakes

Score big time whenever you purchase from grocery stores.

Increase usability

A solution to grow with your business as you expand and automate your operations

Stay Informed

Through the SupFolio Platform, you can be constantly informed by your Suppliers about relevant changes in Prices, Availability, Offers, etc.

FAQ Highlighted Questions

1. You have to Login SupFolio's Platform. You have to register your business data as well as some necessary information that will be requested in order to recieve your order. If you are not registered yet, then you have to proceed with this step, Otherwise you just have to sign in SupFolio. 2. After your Login you have access to SupFolio's Platform to search for Supplier's, Categories, Products, etc

After finding and selecting the Supplier you are interested in, click on the "Request Cooperation" button. Your request  is transfered the and the supplier is getting informed in real time about your request. After processing it, the Supplier will Approve  or Deny your request. If the request is accepted then you will get full access to the Catalog and prices of this specific Supplier and you can proceed with the order. Please note that the approval of a request from Supplier A does not give access to Supplier B  Catalog and prices, a new request must be placed to Supplier B if you want to start cooperation with the Supplier B.

After placing the order 1. The Supplier is getting informed about the order. Products are going to be delivered by your Supplier via the transportation method you have chosen in the platform. Estimation time and terms of Delivery are settled by the Supplier and not SupFolio's Platform.

You can pay the Supplier according to the aggreement you already have on a traditional way (Check,Cash,etc) or you can do it via SupFolio's platform with your Corporate Debit/Credit Card.

No, the user / commercial shop / buyer is not charged for using SupFolio.

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