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About Us

What SupFolio is and Offer.

SupFolio is a Hellenic Company that aims through its Platform, to digitization of the Presentation and Commerce Transactions between Suppliers and Buyes. Therefore in modern terms we can define ourselves as a Wholesale Marketplace (B2B).

Manufacturers and importers participating in the platform can exhibit their products to the general public. They define which products are out of stock, in which categories each product belongs, they set their prices and they can accept orders from their customers.

Commercial Businesses can monitor the prices of their suppliers, who are the suppliers are operating in specific types of products (eg gloves, battery tools, etc.), to check a specific brand demand or products of a specific manufacturer


Our company's vision

At SupFolio our vision is to Highlight all the Manufacturers , Importers and other Industrial Companies who are operating in Specific sectors, such as Agricultural Supplies, Industrial sector and Construction. Our Goal is to Facilitate and Digitize the procedures of Supply Cycle.


Our company's mission

SupFolio is an online platform, where businesses can search and find anything related to the Agro-Industry, Industial Products and Construction sector, Buy and Sell Products, Equipment, Projects and Services Digitally.

How it Works in 4 Easy Steps

Register your Business In SupFolio (Business name, Vat Number, Address, etc)

Choose the Supplier you are interested in and make Request for Cooperation

Choose Products and Quantities you want to order and place the order

Your Order has arrived. Products are going to be delivered by your supplier.

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