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B2B Marketplace

We introduce you to SupFolio's MarketPlace Solution

The SupFolio Marketplace is a B2B e-procurement platform that connects Suppliers and Buyers, streamlining the purchasing process, simplifying product and supplier discovery, and enhancing communication. It offers features such as RFQ systems, a secure ticketing communication system, and IT automations for improved efficiency and stronger business relationships


Discover the
Diversity of
Suppler's Profiles



Indicative company profiles can be Manufacturers & Traders

  •   Fertilizers
  •   Pesticides
  •   Irrigation industry
  •   Seed Treatment Products



Indicative company profiles can be Manufacturers & Traders

  •   Machinery and Equipment
  •   Chemical Industry
  •   Electronics and Electrical Equipment
  •   Metal and Metal Products
  •   Packaging Industry
  •   Rubber and Plastics Industry
  •   Automotive Industry



Ιndicative company profiles can be Manufacturers & Traders

  •   Building Materials
  •   Electrical Supplies
  •   Residential & Industrial Construction
  •   Paint & Coatings

MarketPlace Solution Offers

Corporate Presense

Showcase of the Company with details such as contact information, website, and engaging visual content, including image galleries, video galleries, and marketing materials in PDF format

Product & Order Management

All-in-One Solution for Streamlined Product and Order Management. Handle inventory information, prices, descriptions, specifications, Logistics, Shipping, Orders and more.

Dual Use of Account

We understand the evolving needs of businesses in today's dynamic market and we've designed our platform to allow Suppliers act as both buyers and sellers using the same account, streamlining their business transactions and interactions

Complete Suite of IT Automations

Our Suite of IT automations is designed to help suppliers and buyers manage their day-to-day tasks with ease, eliminating manual work and reducing the risk of errors. Save time, reduce costs, and focus on what matters most: growing your business



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Product data management

Automatically import and update product information.

Inventory synchronization

Keep your stock accurate & up-to-date by syncing your inventory data

Procurement Features

RFQ system, Stock Out System & Individually tailored offers

B2B Mechanism

Supplier decides who is going to see his prices and place orders to his account

Data Management

Create and export / share your Database via XML, CSV or JSON

System Integrations

Connect SupFolio with your existing systems, such as ERP, CRM

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MarketPlace for Buyers

SupFolio Marketplace allows you to:

1. Explore Suppliers: Browse through our comprehensive directory of trusted suppliers from the industrial, agricultural, and construction sectors, making it easy to find the right partner for your procurement needs.

2. Discover Products: Gain access to a rich product catalog from various companies, streamlining your search for the perfect solution to meet your specific requirements.

3. Collaborate with Suppliers: Request cooperation with suppliers and, upon approval, unlock access to exclusive B2B prices and the ability to place orders directly through our platform.

4. Request Quotes: Simplify your decision-making process by requesting personalized quotes from multiple suppliers, ensuring you receive the best possible pricing and terms for your procurement needs.

5. Join the SupFolio Community: Connect with like-minded professionals in your industry, share knowledge, discuss trends, and collaborate on new opportunities to drive growth and success.

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MarketPlace for Suppliers

As a supplier on SupFolio's B2B Marketplace, you'll enjoy:

1. Showcase Your Company & Products: Present your offerings to a targeted audience of potential buyers, highlighting your unique value proposition and standing out from the competition.

2. Access a Vast Network of Buyers: Connect with a growing community of qualified buyers actively seeking solutions within your industry, simplifying the process of finding new customers and increasing your sales potential.

3. Streamline Order Management: Efficiently manage orders and collaborate with buyers through our user-friendly platform, ensuring a seamless and transparent procurement process for all parties involved.

4. Respond to Quote Requests: Receive personalized quote requests from buyers, enabling you to showcase your competitive pricing and negotiate the best possible terms for your products and services.

5. Advanced Community Access: Create private or public groups to connect with clients or followers, share industry knowledge, and collaborate with other industry professionals.

6. IT Automation and Integration: Seamlessly integrate with leading marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, export product data in XML format, and optimize your company's processes with comprehensive digital tools.

7. Dual Account Usage: Simplify your own procurement process by connecting with your suppliers on SupFolio

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