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We introduce you to SupFolio's Directory Solution

SupFolio Directory is a streamlined solution that connects suppliers and merchants through two distinct directories. The Supplier's Directory allows suppliers to showcase their offerings, while the Merchant's Directory enables merchants to display their businesses. By providing a unified platform, SupFolio Directory simplifies sourcing and procurement for all parties involved.
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What you can do
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Company Details

  •   Contact Details (Phone, Email)
  •   Company's Website
  •   Overiew of Business
  •   Description of Business


Image & Video Gallery

  •   Business Images
  •   Facilities
  •   Product Lines
  •   Products
  •   Product Lines
  •   Promo Materials
  •   In patient care


Marketing Materials

  •   Research Papers
  •   Catalogs in PDF format
  •   Promo Leaflets
  •   Articles

Directory for Suppliers

In SupFolio's Directory Solution, a supplier can benefit from a range of features designed to enhance their brand visibility, connect with potential buyers, and showcase their expertise in their specific industry. Here's what a supplier can do in SupFolio's Directory:

1. Create a Compelling Company Profile: Develop a detailed and engaging profile that showcases your unique value proposition, specialized products, and services, making it easy for potential buyers to understand your offerings and choose your business as their preferred supplier.
2. Connect with Potential Buyers: Gain access to a diverse network of buyers actively searching for suppliers within your industry, simplifying the process of finding new customers and generating sales leads.
3. Receive Inquiries and Requests: Capture the interest of potential buyers with your compelling profile, and receive direct inquiries and quote requests from interested parties looking to establish a business relationship with your company.
4. Participate in the SupFolio Community: Engage with other industry professionals by joining private or public groups, sharing knowledge, discussing trends, and collaborating on new opportunities.


Directory for Commercial Shops

Introducing SupFolio's Directory Solution for Commercial Shops - a tailored platform designed to boost your shop's visibility, showcase your unique offerings, and connect you with a diverse range of potential customers.
‍Industry-specific targeting: SupFolio's directory is focused on specific industries, which means that commercial shops can target their marketing efforts towards a more relevant audience.
B2B-specific targeting: Our directory solution is designed specifically for B2B businesses, making it a niche platform for suppliers and commercial shops to connect with each other. This means that the audience using the directory solution is more targeted, which can lead to more quality leads and potential partnerships


How our Directory works

Collection of information

In the SupFolio Directory, both suppliers and merchants have the opportunity to showcase their companies by providing essential details such as contact information, websites, and engaging visual content, including image galleries, video galleries, and marketing materials in PDF format.


Each business in the directory specifies the industry it operates in and its location, allowing for better organization and more relevant search results for users.

Search functionality

SupFolio Directory offers a powerful search engine that allows users to filter results by location and industry. Additionally, users can search for businesses by entering their tax number, ensuring accurate and targeted results.


Directory's Result & Benefits

The importance of a directory lies in its ability to serve as a centralized information hub, making it easier for users to find relevant businesses and suppliers. By organizing and categorizing information, it allows users to quickly locate companies operating in specific industries or locations. This, in turn, facilitates faster decision-making and improved efficiency.

In essence, a directory plays a crucial role in connecting businesses and customers, streamlining the search process, and promoting growth and collaboration within industries.

Increased Visibility: By being listed in the SupFolio Directory, businesses can significantly increase their online presence and visibility, reaching a wider audience of potential clients and partners.
Enhanced Credibility: A well-organized and comprehensive directory profile adds credibility to businesses, making them more attractive to potential customers and collaborators.
Efficient Networking: The SupFolio Directory facilitates networking by connecting suppliers and merchants within the same industry and location, fostering fruitful business relationships.
Time and Cost Savings: By providing essential information and contact details in one place, the SupFolio Directory simplifies the process of finding and connecting with the right business partners, saving both time and resources.
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