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Sorghum Srem (Sudangrass)

Sorghum Srem (Sudangrass)


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Overview Sorghum Srem (Sudangrass) Fodder plants

Excellent resistance to low temperatures, excellent quality, high yield potential, drought tolerance.

Cycle: Early 60-65 days
The most widespread cultivar of Sudan grass intended for the production of green forage, hayand silage.
Drought tolerance.
Sorghum is characterized by good tillering and excellent regeneration. That is ensured by 3-4 cuts per year.
Possible sowing in more than one term.
Intended for fresh use.

Sowing Period: Spring
Sowing installments: 5 kg/sq.km
Yield of green forage is 80 – 100 t/ha and 20 t/ha of hay.
MAX YIELD: 100 t/ha

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