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Are you a Supplier?

Ensure you and your business is connected to SupFolio's network between Suppliers and Buyers which supports and improves your existing Presence in Sales Field.We offer applications that helps online sales & order processing and at the same time with the same account you manage your Procurement Department. Get started today and check our Offering Plans, we have a range of plans to suit your needs.


Why choose to Join in a Project like SupFolio?

All in One solution

All the information are organised and presented at one Place like a Digital Expo.

Access to Market's Demand

As a Supplier you gain access to Buyers' Demand and you can answer with an Offer.

Emerging Market

Marketplaces is an emerging market. By 2025 75% of B2B transactions will be placed via Marketplaces.

Scalable B2B software

Perfect Solution For Distributors, Wholesalers, Manufacturers & Service Providers

Powerful Request For Quote (RFQ) Module.

SupFolio comes with a robust RFQ module to streamline price negotiation between users (buyers and sellers) on the platform.

The RFQ module enables buyers to share their Demand and additional requirements such as quantities, product quantity, delivery date, and address to the Suppliers.

Suppliers can see the Demand of the Clients and respond with an Offer which is also negotiable by both sides. The buyer can assign the offer to the Supplier he wants and after the agreement between two sides a Proforma invoice is issued and the order is placed automatically.


You have the fully Control of who is going to see your Prices.

With SupFolio's B2B Mechanism, Suppliers - Sellers have the flexibility for showing or hiding prices at a users level. This feature allows sellers to secure their pricing strategies and have the fully control of what clients are able to see at their Business area. Click below to see how the mechanism works.

Watch how it works


You can place your Orders to your Suppliers as well

One account manages Supplies and Sales in the same account. Using the SupFolio platform, allow your customers to place their orders digitally to your Company and the same time you can place your orders to your own suppliers who participating to SupFolio too. You have to place a Request for Cooperation to your own Suppliers, wait for your acceptance and then place your Orders to them as well.


Frequently asked questions for Suppliers

You ask and we answer!

SupFolio is a marketplace software that has been specially developed for the B2B & wholesale industry. Our Platform does not focus in Price comparisons but it focuses in Vendors' Solutions. Features like RFQ and our B2B control Mechanism are exclusive to SupFolio. Additionally, our software allows vendors/distributors to buy Products / or Services from their own Suppliers with the same User account.

Our Platform provides Fully "independence" for each Supplier to manage shipping on their own. Each Supplier determines which are the terms of Delivery and manages the shipment by themselves. Each user, can view status of orders and transaction ledger.

We understand that the process of completing your profile and uploading your products can sometimes seem quite complicated, especially when you are not familiar with using such systems. In this case, we can undertake handling these procedures for you with an extra charge according to your case.

SupFolio B2B Platform is another eCommerce website which is not coming in contrast with your own B2B e-shop. The B2B platform can be considered as a Big Shopping Mall if it is Horizontal oriented or a Big Expo if it is Vertical Oriented.

No it is not. If the business has its departments already digitised or is ready to go digital and can provide the proper files then no time is need at Supplier's end. Everything is going to be automated and with zero errors as a result.

Yes at our Platform you have several priviledges you can take advantage. We provide features like multiple pricelists, quantity discounts, wholesale level discounts, hot deals, individual commercial policies.

At SupFolio we came up with an innovative B2B control Mechanism in which each Supplier has the fully control of Who is going to see B2B prices and can place an order at the Company. You can check for more information at the Session, Our B2B Mechamism. Each Supplier gives the Green light the user to see it's own Prices.

Via our Solution each Supplier defines his own terms of Payment according to his policy. We offer popular payment gateways for Online Payments (VivaWallet*) and Non online payment ways like "Manually Bank Transfer", "Credit", "In advance", "Checks" etc.
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